Thursday, December 17, 2009

Penguins 3, Flyers 2 (OT - SO - 2-0)

So what happened?
The Flyers, to their credit, gave the Penguins everything they could handle tonight. Boucher played pretty well, making some key saves and their offense produced some good chances. It wasn't enough. Fleury was outstanding, making several huge saves, and Crosby sucks. Oh, no, wait - he doesn't suck. I think it's time the lovely people of Philadelphia realized that he is really very, very good. Much better than anyone the Flyers have.

Who scored?
Guerin (9), Crosby (22)

Any surprises?
A few, actually:
  • A multiple goal effort by the power play!! For the first time since Thanksgiving weekend, and only the second time since Halloween!! That's great!
  • Kris Letang - #1 star? Really? Is this some kind of joke? Did the media in Philly watch the same game I did? No offense to Kris (he did notch the "game winner" in the SO), but I think the sucky player who scored the game tying goal and the goal that iced it in the shootout is more deserving. Of course, the completely unbiased media in Philly would rather eat their hats than do something that might make people think that Crosby doesn't suck.
In the "not a surprise" category:
  • Hartnell is dumb.
  • Carcillo went to the Hartnell Hockey School and excelled. He graduated Summa cum Dufus.
  • Mike Richards is cheap - the low bridge he attempted on Letang late in the game was dangerous.
Any change in the standings?
It remains to be seen. If Los Angeles loses, then we'll have a new #1 team in hockey after the evening is over.

Who's next?
A refreshing change, and a good challenge when the Pens play in Buffalo on Saturday night.

  • When you're playing (somewhat) up tempo hockey and trying to stop the Pens, using mostly 5 defensemen isn't very smart... especially when one of them is as slow as Pronger.
  • Boucher was much better tonight than on Tuesday.
  • Sid and Geno are both playing at another level right now.
  • Watching the Flyers lose is one of the best ways to spend an evening.

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