Sunday, December 13, 2009

Penguins 3, Panthers 2 (OT)

So what happened?
For the (seemingly) 115th straight time, the Pens and Panthers went to OT. The entire game was tight, and while the Pens dominated the second period, the Panthers came out with purpose in the third and tied the game. This isn't a bad team from Florida. As soon as the power play started in OT, you just knew it was over.

Who scored?
Dupuis (9), Fedotenko (5), Malkin (9)

Any surprises?
Not really a surprise, but the game featured the absolute worst even-up call I've ever seen. After McCabe was penalized for interference (which absolutely was interference, even if we're not used to seeing it called late in the third), Gonchar breathed wrong on a drive to the net by Dvorak. He was called for holding. He never took his hands off of his own stick. Calls like this are why the NHL is still a garage league.

Any change in the standings?

Yep - with San Jose struggling, the Pens are up one spot in the league standings. Jersey is keeping pace.
Division: 1st (tied with New Jersey)
Conference: 2nd (1 point behind Washington, tied with New Jersey)
League: 2nd (1 point Washington, tied with New Jersey, San Jose and Los Angeles)

Who's next?
A big home and home series with the Flyers on Tuesday and Thursday. Tuesday night is in Pittsburgh and starts 30 minutes early.

  • Sid dominated on the faceoffs, with a record of 18-8.
  • Whatever it is that the power play has in OT, they need to find it and bottle it for use in regulation. They're a monster when they get the man-advantage in OT. Maybe it's just a mental thing...
  • For the first time in essentially forever, the Pens had two healthy scratches and had their full compliment of players. FINALLY!!

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