Sunday, December 20, 2009

Penguins 2, Sabres 1 (OT - SO - 1-0)

So what happened?
A really entertaining Saturday night game translated into two points for the Pens. Fleury was the story all night, bailing out the Pens with several key saves. The power play looked as good as I can remember this season, though they wound up with nothing to show for it. The Sabres are a tough team.

Who scored?
Kunitz (4)

Any surprises?
Geno picked up one of the weirdest interference calls I've ever seen. He was serving a minor penalty and it had just ended. The door to the penalty box opened and the puck was right there. He was still in the box (he hadn't stepped out of it yet) but he reached out tried to play the puck away from Stafford, who was right outside of the penalty box. He was whistled for interference.

Any change in the standings?
Jersey won to keep pace, but the Pens are tied with them for #1 in the NHL.
Division: 1st (tied with New Jersey)
Conference: 1st (tied with New Jersey)
League: 1st (tied with New Jersey)

Who's next?
A chance to break the tie with the Devils at home on Monday.

  • The third period turned into a penalty parade. While the power play couldn't score (but looked good), the PK was great. Eight chances killed off successfully.
  • I have no idea how Lalime managed to only allow one goal. It looked as though he should have allowed four or five.
  • Didn't it seem as though everyone had another gear last night? I can't remember noticing the speed quite as much any time recently. Maybe it's that Buffalo plays a different system.
  • Don't get used to seeing this fun style of hockey... Jersey is next.

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