Thursday, April 09, 2009

Penguins 6, Islanders 1

What was a tight, close game early turned into a blowout late.

This was a great game to use as a tune-up going into the playoffs. Everyone except Godard (the Player's Player) had at least 10 minutes of ice time. Sid and Geno were able to play under 17 minutes.

The Isles certainly made it interesting for the first two periods. They had two extended 5-on-3 advantages and hit the post or crossbar another three or four times. Any turn of luck towards the Isles, and this may have been a completely different game.

Geno earned two points tonight while Ovechkin's name changed to 0vechkin for an evening.

The Flyers and Carolina also lost tonight. I'll throw up a separate post on the playoff scenarios.

Next up: Ending the regular season in style with those fantastic people in Montreal. At least they clinched a playoff birth tonight, so they can take the barricades off of the bridges.

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