Sunday, April 19, 2009

Flyers 6, Penguins 3

The Flyers went up early and had an answer for the Pens' counter punch.

After the Pens spotted the Flyers to a 2-0 lead, Geno scored at the very end of the first, and Scuderi scored at the beginning of the second. At that point, you were thinking this might turn out okay. You were thinking incorrectly.

Fleury didn't have his strongest game, to say the least, and the Pens weren't able to get the key goal on the power play despite numerous chances (they finally managed one in the third to cut the deficit to two goals). Worse yet, they allowed a critical short-handed goal on what I'd call sloppy play in their own zone.

The Flyers also deserve some credit - they executed at key times when they needed it most.

Game 4 is big, and it would be nice to have a split, but the Pens still have home-ice advantage no matter what happens on Tuesday.

One other thing - how pathetic is it that the Flyers' fans spend their time chanting against Crosby (as they did right after the start of the game) instead of cheering for their team? If I were a Flyer, I'd rather have them cheering FOR me.

Next up: Game 4 - Tuesday night in Philly.

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