Saturday, April 04, 2009

Hurricanes 3, Penguins 2 (OT)

Psst! Hey! Want to see a playoff game before the playoffs start? This one was one of those!

Sadly the Pens were only able to get one point tonight. The good news is that if they continue to play this way (the OT notwithstanding) they'll be in great shape no matter who they face in the playoffs.

The action was tremendous, especially in the first period. Both teams traded great chances all night, with the Pens getting more good scoring chances and Cam Ward getting more good saves.

Ward was really the story of this game. He did just about everything right. There were several point blank shots he stopped, along with a breakaway by Sid and a penalty shot by Geno.

The only problem came in OT. The Canes turned it into a frantic scramble in the Pens' zone, and the puck never came out.

All told, this was fun (though stressful) to watch. Makes it fun to think about the playoffs (assuming they make it), right?

Next up: Another tough game tomorrow, though the opponent isn't as hot as the Canes have been recently. It's the Panthers in Florida at 5:00.

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Anonymous said...

Way to many opportunities that they didn't take advantage of. What happened with that penalty shot? Not much effort. Ill keep my head up though, they are a great team.

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