Saturday, April 11, 2009

Penguins 3, Canadiens 1

The regular season is over.  The playoffs are coming.

With their victory tonight, the Pens set their sights on Philadelphia as their first round opponent.  If Philly loses their game tomorrow, the Pens get home ice.  If Philly earns at least one point, then Philly has home ice.

Tonight the Pens unleashed the offense, but Carey Price kept the Habs in the game until the third.

Price made some really good saves, but my problem (and I know this is meaningless, but hey, it's my blog) is that Price was named the #1 star for the night.  I'm not sure how you can be the #1 star when you lose the game... but whatever.  The Pens won, they could still earn home ice, and the suicide hot line workers in Montreal will get some overtime tonight.

Malkin earned the scoring title tonight when Ovechkin didn't score enough to take it away.  Congrats to Geno for the effort.

Next up:  The playoffs start on either Wednesday or Thursday against the Flyers, location to be determined.

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Will said...

I never though I would say it, but WAY TO GO RANGERS!

Can't believe how bad the Flyers looked with home ice on the line... and at home no less.

Wednesday can't get here fast enough.