Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Penguins 3, Flyers 1

Marc-Andre Fleury was one of the biggest reasons the Pens lost Game 3.

He was the only reason the Pens won Game 4.

The Flyers were strong on the first period and were somehow outshot by the Pens 13-12.  They were stronger in the second and third, buoyed by seemingly endless power play chances.

It didn't matter.  Fleury was up to every challenge.  The only goal he allowed was immediately after being knocked into the net.

The game was tight late, and I think most of the Pens' faithful were anxious watching the last 5 minutes.  The Flyers no sooner pulled Biron than Adams got control of the puck in the defensive zone and calmly got it up to Talbot.  Max hit the empty net from just inside the red line.  That was game over.

The Flyers were still within two goals, so they didn't have the chance to goon it up.  They were exceedingly desperate as the game wound down, however.  It's like they knew this was the last chance.  Let's hope that's true.

My favorite part of the game was the Philly crowd booing the team in the early parts of the third period when the power play wasn't going their way.  Combine that with people heading for the exits once the Pens scored the EN, even though Philly had pulled their goalie and was only down by 2.

Next up:  The Pens can finish it at home on Thursday.  Let's hope they do, because you sure don't want to come back to Philly.

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