Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Penguins 3, Panthers 0

The Pens have been solving all kinds of issues lately. They struggle historically against the Leafs and beat the stuffing out of them. They hadn't won in Dallas in over 10 years and they take care of that one. Now the Panthers are the latest victim.

The Pens fourth line continued their recent surge, notching another goal. This time it was Dominic Moore on a nice feed from Jarkko Ruutu. All three guys (Petro being the third) played well.

That's a key point - the Pens have four solid lines they can roll. That's a HUGE plus for them. It's something that has been lacking in previous seasons, and I think it's directly attributable to Ray Shero. We're going to look back after the season is over and be amazed at the job he did. I'm already amazed right now.

Mark Eaton continues to play well in his third game back. He made several great plays on the PK to break up scoring chances for the Kitty Cats.

Sid had what seemed like a quiet game in the scoring category (he had one assist), but in reality, he was all over the ice. Nice to see Ouellet get the second star, though.

The #1 star tonight by far was Marc-Andre Fleury. He was unconscious. He simply wasn't going to be scored on, and though he was a little bit lucky, he was also very good. I don't remember too many big fat rebounds, and he kept his wits about him through it all.

Next up: vs Montreal on Thursday at the Igloo. Big game (again).

Let's Go Pens!


Teej said...

HUGE win last night. I guess it goes without saying, but every game from here on out is so important... that win in Dallas means so much now, otherwise we'd be in 9th place in the East, and if we had lost in regulation we'd be between 9th and 11th... the feeling is back!!!

Chet said...

Fleury was unconscious?

Pat said...

chet - I think what you saw is what happens when I write late in the evening after running my a$$ off at the gym. I'll call it Athletically Induced Stupification...

teej - I'm with ya - the little things are meaning a bunch right now, and the extra points the Pens are earning, as opposed to the dreaded OTL, are the difference.