Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Game #41 - at Tampa Bay Lightning

Pittsburgh Penguins (18-15-7, 43 pts) at Tampa Bay Lightning (20-21-2, 42 pts)

Tonight the Pens get a chance to strike a blow for exciting up and down hockey by coming out and flying against the Lightning. They seemed to be stuck in neutral the other night.

I'm not really expecting that to happen, however. What I am expecting is a much better effort against a team that the Pens really should beat. I'm expecting more than 22 shots on Holmqvist, who they should be able to beat, even if he looked dazzling at times the other night.

Bolts blog - I'll put you back to LightningHockeyCentral, for a review of the game from the other night, from the Tampa perspective.

I'm looking for a solid road effort tonight, with the Pens simply outworking the Bolts, who will be suffering the "first home game after a long road trip" syndrome.

Let's Go Pens!

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