Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Still a Post-Gazette bias? You decide!

So the Pittsburgh First coalition is planning a rally downtown for next Tuesday, the same day the Gaming Control Board is meeting. This rally has merited some good coverage. I was listening to KDKA Radio this morning, and not only was it a segment on the morning show, but it was also metioned in their news broadcast - fairly high profile.

Where is it in the Post-Gazette?

The only place I've found it so far is the same place it was last time there was a rally - buried at the end of a Penguin's Notebook by Dave Molinari. We'll see if they mention it anywhere else before Tuesday. It hasn't been mentioned yet in the Casino Journal that is running in the Post-Gazette... much less anywhere else.

The Post-Gazette is more than happy to let you know, however, that the "Penguins won't commit to Rendell's Plan B for new arena". The headline, of course, it somewhat misleading, since what the Penguins really said was that they thought the plan was incomplete and it needed to be looked at more closely. Literally, they're right - the Penguins wouldn't commit. However, that is clearly not the spirit of what they were saying.

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Will said...

Sounds like things are starting to get ugly over there with all this arena stuff... thanks for the update.