Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Let's play a game...

In honor of The Wife, who will sometimes have trouble matching the number with the player for the Pens, we'll have a little matching game today. You match the player with their number. See how many you can get right.

On a quick side note, is there any sport besides hockey where the numbers on the jersey are more used? I know with football, I know most of the numbers for the Steelers... but it's critical in hockey. Does anyone pay attention to numbers in baseball or basketball (other than the big names, obviously)?

Here we go - match the player with their number:

Colby Armstronga - 19
Konstantin Koltsovb - 2
Jani Ritac - 5
Sidney Crosbyd - 71
Rob Scuderie - 29
Josef Melicharf - 36
Marc-Andre Fleuryg - 44
John Leclairh - 9
Andy Hilberti - 4
Brooks Orpikj - 20
Noah Welchk - 87
Ryan Whitneyl - 10
Andre Roym - 28

Answers are below in white - you need to drag over then with the mouse to see them:
Colby - j (20)
Konstantin - d (71)
Jani - m (28)
Sidney - k (87)
Rob - c (5)
Josef - b (2)
Marc-Andre - e (29)
John - l (10)
Andy - h (9)
Brooks - g (44)
Noah - i (4)
Ryan - a (19)
Andre - f (36)

Did you get them all? I'm wondering if The Wife would care to post her score in the comments? :) (I'm also hoping I got them all correct myself, as I'm doing this entirely from memory...)


Pronovost said...

Should I admit that I got them all and didn't need the multiple choice? It's a sickness, I guess.

ees said...

Same here. didn't need the multiple choice. I really should find something better to do with my time. Hahahaha.

Hey, random thought here.... What ever happened to Matt Murley???

Will said...

I never really thought about their numbers but after watching all but like 2 games this year I guess they all sunk in there because I got them all too.

Murley is on IR... Here's a link to an article about it http://www.pittsburghpenguins.com/team/press/arts/1610.0.php

I want to know what happened to Talbot? Was there ever a reason he never made the trip back after the Olympics? I would also like to see Guillaume Lefebvre get another shot with the big club... anyone remember him kicking the crap out of some dude a few months ago? It was one if not the only fight the Pens won this year :)

Pat said...

Talbot is still playing (and quite well, it would seem) in Wilkes-Barre... though I wish he was here in Pittsburgh - he's one of my favorite players, mainly for the fight he got into defending Palffy earlier this year.

There are a few interesting things about the Baby Pens these days... maybe it's time for a post about them.

ees said...

will--That was pretty cool when Lefebvre kick the crap out of that guy. Oh, who was it? I need to figure that out.

I was wondering about Talbot, too. With Evgeni probably coming in next season, I wonder if he'll even make the team. I hope so. Inside Penguins Hockey this week is going to be about next season, so, we'll see if they talk about the jam up of centers we have.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you're all happy to know that "the Wife" got them all right, and only had to double check the options for the new guys (Hilbert and Welch). Thanks for the diversion, Pat!