Wednesday, April 12, 2006

More arena news

So, Ken Sawyer, Penguins CEO, has said that the Plan B proposed by Governor Rendell is "incomplete". Basically, the main sticking points are that the other two casino candidates have not committed to provide the $7.5 million per year, and the Pens are unsure that the Governor can unilaterally state that $7 million will come from the local share of the casino revenue without a change in state law.

Read the article - my favorite quote, without a doubt, was from the Governor's office, when asked about the legality of using the previously earmarked funds from the local share of slots revenue, the Governor's office said that they saw no problem with using the money without changing state law - they said "Why would we propose something that's not legal?" This is, of course, the same Governor who proposed a state budget, had it approved by the legislature, and then VETOED HIS OWN BUDGET. So while I'm sure they wouldn't do something patently illegal, let's just say I'm not quite trusting them in their attention to detail or due dilligence.

More interestingly, Forrest City has said that they're not going to commit to providing the $7.5 million until the Penguins commit to Plan B. Does this seem stupid to anyone else? You're asking the Pens to commit to a plan where the funding isn't set? I think we're all still being played for fools by these guys.

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