Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Maple Leafs 5, Penguins 3

This game was a microcosm of the Penguins season as a whole. For the first two periods of the game, the effort wasn't really there. Nobody seemed interested in playing. Bob Errey was talking about how the players were playing "pond hockey" because no one was wanting to hit anybody.

Then in the third, down 5-1, the Pens got two quick goals and were hopping. They threw a ton of shots and opportunities at Aubin, and just couldn't get the fourth goal past him. You had the feeling if they had been able to get #4, they would have also scored #5 (at least I had that feeling...)

Crosby added two more points, breaking Mario Lemieux's team rookie record of 100 points. He also became the first rookie in the history of the NHL with over 100 points (102) and over 100 penalty minutes (108). If you had asked me before the season if Crosby would have more points or penalty minutes, there would have been no hesitation in choosing points. How much money could you have made in Vegas with this little bet? Anyway, I think it's a testament to Crosby's unwillingness to take crap from other teams and stick up for himself.

Caron had a few positively amazing saves in the first period, and Fleury was great in relief of Caron.

In watching the game, you could see the nucleus of the team on the ice. You could also get a sense of who may or may not be here next year. I can see any of the following players heading out to other teams - Cairns, Boguniecki, Melichar/Scuderi (one of them), Surovy (though he's still young, so you'd hate to give up on him), Caron and maybe Rita. I'm not saying I think they'll be gone, but I think they're the most likely.

Of course, there's lots of time to talk about this stuff now that the season is over. Be sure to keep checking back for all kinds of articles about the Pens and any arena news that should arise.

It has been a fun season, and I've enjoyed writing this blog. I hope you've enjoyed reading it, and I hope you'll keep coming back to talk about the Pens during the off-season.

The draft order will be determined on Thursday!

Let's go Pens!

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Pronovost said...

Thanks for everything this season, Pat. Long year in some ways but thank heaven for Crosby.