Thursday, April 20, 2006

Pens draft #2

The lottery was held, and the Penguins will draft second.

This is as expected, and guarentees that they will get either Kessel, Johnson or Staal. Can't see them going wrong with any of those picks. Personally, I'd like to see Kessel brought in to play winger - he could be the scorer the team needs. If he goes first, then Johnson for sure, as the Pens aren't deep on defense after Welch.

What do you all think?


Will said...

I really don't know enough to make a real comment but just from seeing what his brother can do I would not mind picking up Staal, it is E. Staal's brother, right?

I did see Kessel play and he seemed good but I really did not like his attitude too much. He could have just been having a few bad games and was pissy. If I only saw Crosby play on the few nights he was pissy I might say the same thing.

Johnson is supposed to be a beast but I have not seen him at all. I think no matter who they pick it won't really change the team next year, unless they get a forward who makes the team in training camp and puts up crazy points. I can't see them brining in a D guy right away concidering they left Welch down there this season. Next season is all about IF Malkin comes over and how Fluery plays. I know Crosby will be soild and I think the D is going to be ok but I think Fluery will be the difference between 10th in the east and dare I say 7th. That's just my opininon though.

Pronovost said...

Seems to me the team can't go wrong at No. 2, provided they don't flake out and pick some "none of the above" project. Not that anyone would take a project at No. 2, but you know what I mean.

I liked Therrien's "never again" quote.

ees said...

I would like us to pick I forward that is capable of playing as a winger. In my opinion we need wingers most of all. Though I must admit I don't know to much about the ones with the baby Pens. I think we'll end up just picking the best available.
In the Final Scouting Rankings Kessel has fallen back a few spaces, behind Staal, Toews, & Brassard. Check it out.

Anonymous said...

I like Staal. Kessel has an attitude problem.