Saturday, January 08, 2011

Wild 4, Penguins 0

So what happened?
Yeah, this was about as exciting as the score would make you think. The Pens hit the post twice, but it really was a butt-kicking for most of the game.

Who scored?
No one.

The Good?
  • Um... Michalek hit the post?
  • No one got hurt?
The Bad?
  • Everything else was bad. The Pens didn't get to their game until the third period, and then it was only for the first part of the period. That ended when there was a no-call on the Wild for tying up Mike Rupp and Cal Clutterbuck put the Wild up 3-0 right afterwards.
  • Too many penalties. The self-discipline is there some nights and strangely missing other nights.
The Ugly?
  • Getting out shot 27-16 in the second and third period when already down 2-0.
Any Surprises?
  • I can't come up with one. This is exactly what most Pens fans were afraid of.
What's their record now? Any important move in the standings?
The Pens are now 26-13-4. They have 56 points and are one point behind Philly for the lead in the Atlantic.

Who's next?
Boston comes to Consol on Monday night.

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