Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Penguins 5, Canadiens 2

So what happened?
The Pens extracted a measure of revenge from the Habs after their loss last week.

It didn't look good for a little while in the second period.

The Pens scored first on a blistering shot by Alex Goligoski. He put the puck in top corner over Price's glove hand.

The Habs scored the next two (the equalizer was just 18 seconds later) and that sinking feeling was starting to set in. Fortunately the Habs started "The Bennie and Wisi Show" in the penalty box, as Pouliot and Wisniewski combined for five separate minor penalties. Throw in one other one (Too Many Men) and you have six power play chances over the final two periods for the Pens. They scored on three of them and that was the deciding factor.

The Habs had the #1 PK in the NHL coming into the game. I can't imagine they will any longer.

My favorite part was watching Fleury imitate Price's pose from last week after the final horn sounded.

Who scored?
Goligoski 2 (8,9), Kennedy (7), Staal (1), Kunitz (14)

The Good?
  • This was a complete effort. There was no letdown in the later stages of the third. The Pens out shot the Canadiens 13-7 in the third period despite having a lead.
  • Staal had a breakout game with three points and six hits. He was the #1 star.
  • Goligoki was good and bad. He had three points, but he also took two penalties and his man (Desharnais) scored in the second period (though to be fair, it was a deflection, and there wasn't much Goose could have done shy of knocking him down).
  • Geno had seven shots and seemed to play a solid game.
The Bad?
  • Not much. Two penalties in the first period could have been disastrous for the Pens had their PK not bailed them out.
The Ugly?
  • On the line changes, several Montreal players would sit on the wall of the bench prior to the change. One of the Pens was checked into the player sitting on the wall. That has serious potential for disaster and needs to stop immediately. Stay in the bench until you hop over to change.
Any Surprises?
  • The power play breaking through for three goals, and none of them involved Geno! That's a double surprise.
What's their record now? Any important move in the standings?
The Pens are now 27-14-4. They are one point behind Philly for the lead in the Atlantic, though the Pens have played three more games than the Flyers.

Who's next?
More revenge on Saturday as the Pens play a matinée against the Bruins.

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Captain Canuck said...

nothing like getting help from two extra people skating for the penguins. what can only be described as, um... questionable officiating gave the pens the game. and then to wave off that montreal goal in the third for a penalty that the sports highlight shows are still looking for.....

and I can;t believe how uptight the penguins players are... learn how to have fun. if you need to be motivated by a goalie having fun on the ice, you need to hang up your skates.