Monday, January 10, 2011

Game #44 - vs Boston Bruins

Game 44
Bruins (21-12-7, 49 points) at Penguins (26-12-4, 56 points)

Why does it matter?
Another tough match-up for the Pens, who are struggling offensively without Sidney Crosby.

What has been happening lately?
  • Pens - Losses in four of the past five games.
  • Bruins - Same thing here - losses in four out of five.
Questions to be answered
  • Can the Pens avoid the outcome from their last meeting when the Bruins scored five times in the third period?
  • Geno? Are you there? We need you to score.
  • Can the Pens "get to their game" (as HCDB and ACTG like to say)? They seem to struggle against defensively oriented teams.
Keys to the game
  • Blah blah blah... Marc Savard... blah blah blah... Matt Cooke... blah blah blah... first meeting since "The Hit". I'll laugh my butt off if Savard tries to fight Cooke (though I'd probably have some respect for the guy if he tried it).
  • Not really a key, but watch Kunitz try to hit Chara. He might come up to his elbow, but he keeps trying to plaster him.
  • Be ready - the Bruins are physical and have some balanced scoring on the wings. Milan Lucic is a runaway freight train who can send you into next week if you're not paying attention.

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