Sunday, February 08, 2009

Red Wings 3, Penguins 0

The Pens just aren't there yet. You could see signs of them coming around against the Lightning and the Jackets, but the Red Wings are not those teams.

It is a testament to the team defense of the Red Wings that a goalie who pitched a shutout was only the third star in the game. The chances for the Pens were few and far between. Malkin had the best chance, with a backhand on the power play and a wide open net, but the puck jumped over his stick. That play typified the game for the Pens.

The Wings needed just one goal, and that was scored on the power play on a bad rebound allowed by Fleury. He was decent for most of the game, but he had trouble with his rebounds.

The other factor was that the Wings handed the Pens three power play chances in the first period. If you wanted to win this game, you needed a goal on one of those chances.

Malkin and Crosby were both held in check again by the Wings, despite being on two different lines. Neither one could get much going or find much open ice to skate.

It's hard not to get discouraged by this one, but I think it's important to remember that the Wings are the defending Cup champions who added Hossa and Conklin and didn't lose anyone except Drake and Hasek.

Next up: It doesn't get much easier when the Sharks show up. If things go bad, maybe we'll at least see Eaton go after Cheechoo.


Teej said...

Satan: synonym for "trade bait." He played less than three minutes through two periods on Sunday. Changes abound, I guarantee it.

Tres said...

Satan is not trade bait for he is nothing short of awful and no one is dumb enough to trade for him. Sign him if released, but not trade for him.

The real trade bait is Whitney. With Gonchar coming back and with Letang and Gogo on the roster he is just to over paid and unneeded on this roster. He could get that winger that Crosby needs!

Pat said...

@Tres - I agree that Satan has been bad lately... but Whitney? I still don't see it. He's signed for several seasons at a good number. I'd keep him.

Tres said...

@Pat - Stall and Whitney stand to make a combined 8 million per season for the next few years. I can think of other things that the Pens could do with that 8 million.

Whitney may be Gonchar's replacement in the coming years but so might Letang and Gogo and unlike Whitney those two hit people.

And sorry I know it is blasphome (sorry about spelling) to suggest this but I am not sold on Stall being that good. He is a great defensive player, despite his lack of face off ability, but is not worth the cash the Pens are paying him. Defense is about smarts and hustle and I am of the opinion that teams can't pay that kind of cash for smarts and huslte, especially when there are other glaring holes in the lineup.

Thanks for writing though and here is to hoping I am wrong