Monday, February 16, 2009

Islanders 3, Penguins 2 (OT - SO - 2-1)

New coach, same result.

I only saw part of this game, but from what I saw, nothing looked terribly different.  Of course, it's way to early to talk about Bylsma.  It is curious, though, that the Pens didn't have more jump early in the game.  You'd think they would either be anxious about impressing a new coach or maybe relieved that the taskmaster was gone, but they looked pretty much the same as always - mediocre.

The Pens fell short today against the Isles.  They rallied from a pair of deficits but could never take the lead.  They had several good chances in OT, but nothing cashed in.

Not much else to say - they just don't have it right now.  Hopefully with a few days of practice, they'll be able to find it with the help of Coach Bylsma.

Next up:  The Habs.  The Igloo.  Early start (7:00).

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