Wednesday, February 18, 2009

About to be crushed by a Mini Pony

Here's the good news - this blog made the cut for the tournament of the 32 best Pittsburgh sports blogs, put together by Sean over at Sean's Ramblings. It seems like a fun concept, and I'm honored to be a part. I didn't know there were more than 32 blogs that met Sean's ground rules.

Here's the bad news - there are four brackets of 8 teams. I'm an 8 seed, going up against #1 seed PSAMP (Pittsburgh Sports and Mini Ponies).

I'll be shocked if I get more than 5 votes, unless I can contact those loser Habs fans and steal their script from the All-Star voting...

Sadly, I don't think I'd find any Habs fans out there - they're all too busy jumping off of bridges due to the slump of their team. At least here in Pittsburgh, a Pens slump just means that we turn to heavy drinking and become Yinzers. Nothing better than yelling "SHOOT' every time the puck enters the offensive zone.

1 comment:

Will said...

You got my vote :) ... I hate ponies!