Friday, February 27, 2009


In case you were wondering (I know I was), Ryan Whitney's first game as a member of the Ducks:
  • No points
  • Even +/- (though his team lost 6-0)
  • 24:19 in ice time (second to Pronger)
  • 20:11 in ice time at even strength (led the team)
  • 3 blocked shots (led the team)
  • Played on both the power play and short-handed.
  • 1 shot on net
Except for the even +/-, that pretty much what we saw out of Ryan as a Penguin.

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Will said...

Whit's a good player and even though he's struggled as a Pens since coming back from injury I imagine he'll continue to improve. Maybe the change of scenery will get him back on track. I hope so anyways.