Thursday, December 21, 2006

Thrashers 4, Penguins 3 (OT - SO, 2-0)

It's good to earn a point out of this one.

The Pens were in the hole 2-0 before Jordan Staal made a great play while the Pens were short-handed. He stole the puck and beat Lehtonen before he could set up.

Of course, then Thibault allows a relative softie, and the Pens are down 3-1. I thought that the way things have been going for this team the last few games, that it was over right there.

Ryan Malone makes it 3-2 in the third with a garbage goal (I'm sure he'll take it) and Sid ties it with 16 seconds left.

The only shame is that they couldn't find a way to get the win.

Thibault was beaten on both attempts for the Thrashers in the shootout, and Christensen and Crosby couldn't do anything for the Pens. I didn't even get a chance to think evil thoughts about Kovalchuk!

Anyway, it's good to get a point.

Next up: the Pens are off for Christmas. They play next Tuesday at New Jersey.


Pete said...

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Derek said...

Merry Christmas!

-The Pensblog

Will said...

Merry Christmas all!

Gotta love the 3 games in 4 games coming up right after :)