Thursday, December 07, 2006

Rangers 3, Penguins 2 (OT - SO)

The Pens played the perfect road game for over two periods. Then they allow a short-handed goal, and you can guess the rest. Michel Therrien seemed to think the shortie was the fault of Eric Christensen, because he really didn't play at all after the Rangers got the goal.

Say it with me - the most dangerous thing in hockey is the two goal lead. You'd rather be up by one or three. Two is a problem.

It seems everything is a problem for the Flightless Birds lately. They also couldn't get a goal in the shootout, despite three attempts (by Crosby, Malkin and Eckman).

I'm not ready to get all that upset by this one. The Pens did some great things tonight (including another fantastic Crosby goal - he's really stepping up). I'm going to hold judgment until I see how they play on Saturday against Atlanta - I know - that's so nice of me, isn't it? (sarcasm alert)

The Pens did earn a point on the road, and hopefully got themselves back into a good track of playing decent hockey.

Next up: in Atlanta to play that pointing punk Kovalchuk (I hope someone decks him)


Will said...

Good to get a point. Crosby's goal was even better than Tuesday's. Atlanta got rocked 8-0 by Tampa Bay last night so I'm sure they'll be plenty pissed going into Sat. game with the Pens.

Sorry to see the Pens slip all the way down to the bottom 3 of the conference. They need a good streak here heading in to Christmas to help start the new year with some momentum.

Will said...

I forgot to mention something else about last nights game. Did anyone else notice the refs were absolutely clueless? They were calling something on one end then let the exact same thing go on the other. I've noticed over the past month they are becoming more and more inconsistent.