Friday, December 01, 2006

Devils 5, Penguins 2

This was a typical game against the Devils. The Penguins struggled to get anything going offensively. You thought they might have a chance when Evgeni Malkin snuck a cheap on past Martin Brodeur, but then the Devils turned on their typical trap (even more so after they took the lead 3-2), and the Pens were not only flightless, they were helpless. They did manage a few good chances, but Brodeur was up to the challenge.

Why is it I just don't feel like the Pens are in the game when they play the Devils? I just expect the Devils to kick their butt. I think it goes back to last season's opener, when Brodeur stoned the Pens early and the Devils went on the kick their butt (similar theme).

Tomorrow doesn't get any easier. If their flight is able to take off from New Jersey, the Pens come home to play the Isles, who are waiting in Pittsburgh for them. Is it really home ice advantage if the visitors are sitting in your city waiting for you to return? This post will most likely serve as the preview for tomorrow's game as well, unless I get a whole lot more time tomorrow than I think I'll have. It'll be a good rematch with the Isles, who have to be unhappy after their loss earlier in the week on Marc-Andre Fleury Day. Hopefully the Pens will be able to take out some of their frustration on the Isles.

Let's Go Pens!

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