Sunday, February 12, 2012

Offensive - Penguins 8, Jets 5

So what happened?

This game was fun to watch, but it isn't the kind of game you want to see out of the Pens on a regular basis.  Yes, the offense exploded for EIGHT goals, which ties the high-water mark for the season.  The defense (and Fleury) allowed five on just 25 shots.  That's not good.

The Pens started the game slowly and were down 2-0 by the midpoint of the first period.  They scored twice to tie the score at 2-2, and I think most people felt pretty comfortable that they'd find a way to win.  The Pens had a 5-3 lead going into the third.

The Jets kept hanging around.  If I'm a Winnipeg fan, that's what I take away from this game - the team didn't quite.  Of course, I'm pretty ticked that Andrew Ladd took a really stupid slashing call (and it was blatant - there was no doubt it was a slash) with just three minutes left in the game.

To their credit, the Jets pulled to within one goal early in the third.  The Pens scored the next two to make it 7-4, and the Jets scored again to cut it to 7-5.  They were trying to get within one when Ladd took his ill-advised penalty.

Who scored?

Jeffrey (3), Neal (29), Kunitz (15), Letang (6, 7), Malkin (30), Park (5), Staal (16)

The Good?
  • The power play was effective again.  That second power play goal was the result of a scrum around the net.  The puck went to the net and it looked like a small war broke out instantly.  Bodies were everywhere and both sides were working their tails off.
  • Malkin, Kunitz, Neal, Letang and Staal all had multi-point games.
  • The offense was a team effort, with key goals coming from Jeffrey and Park.  That was nice to see.
The Bad?
  • Flower was really not sharp, and the guys in front of him weren't giving him that much help, either.  Fleury did make some nice saves a few different times, or it could have been worse, but he let in a few that I'm sure he would want back.
  • Dustin Byfuglien made some bad choices of when to jump in the play.  He jumped in a few times and no one covered for him, leading directly to more than one goal.  He was on the ice for five goals against.
The Ugly?
  • Pavelec having to play through allowing eight goals.  You'd think they would have pulled him at the end of the second.
Any Surprises?
  • I was surprised the Pens were so sloppy in their own end.  They did limit the chances, but the ones they allowed were way too good.
What's their record now?
The Pens are 31-19-5.

Who's next?
A rare Sunday night game against the Bolts.

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