Sunday, January 29, 2012

Penguins taking proper approach with Crosby

The latest news in Sidney Crosby Land, as most hockey fans are aware by now, is that Sid has / had a neck injury that is / was complicating his return to the ice.

Sid got the news after visiting with Dr. Robert Bray, a neurological spine specialist.

Per the statement released by the Penguins, the injury is fully healed.  That diagnosis will be confirmed over the next day or two.

I like the way both the Crosby camp and the Penguins are approaching this.  Both Sid and the Pens are providing as much information as they can.  This feels like a departure from earlier this season, when it was difficult to get any information as to Crosby's status, including whether he was skating and / or working out.

Ray Shero is on the record as saying he's optimistic that Sid will play again this season.

Somehow it feels like we may have turned a corner, and that a missing piece just fell into place.  I'm saying that based on nothing more than reading the same things that everyone else is.

I'd love to see this team with everyone fully healed.

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