Monday, February 01, 2010

Penguins 5, Sabres 4

So what happened?
Sidney Crosby happened. He stepped up with about 17 scoring chances during the second period, finishing off three of them for another hat trick. The Pens allowed three straight goals in falling behind 3-1 and scored four straight to take a 5-3 lead. They then withstood one of the more memorable fire drills in recent months to earn two points (and keep the Sabres from earning any points).

Who scored?

Letestu (1), Crosby (35, 36, 37), Staal (14)

Any surprises?
They won! I know, it's bad to lose faith, but who didn't think they were screwed when the Sabres took a 3-1 lead? Maybe it was having to watch the game on Versus that clouded my judgement...

Any change in the standings?
Moving on up...
Division: 2nd (one point behind New Jersey)
Conference: 3rd (tied with Buffalo, one point behind New Jersey)
League: 5th (one point behind New Jersey, tied with Buffalo and Phoenix)

Who's next?
It's vacation time! Okay, not quite, but the Pens don't play until Saturday in Montreal.

  • Nice to see Letestu get his first NHL goal. I think he could be a good player in the NHL if he could get a little bit faster.

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