Saturday, February 06, 2010

Canadiens 5, Penguins 3

So what happened?
To me, the story in this one was the complete lack of offensive execution. I know the Habs had something to do with that, but 21 shots against a team that allowed 47 in consecutive games (and allows an average of 35)? Not good. If that kind of performance happens again tomorrow in Washington, they'll get blown out of the building.

Who scored?

Dupuis (13), Guerin (17), Malkin (20)

Any surprises?
Six minutes on the power play. One shot on net. Another surprise and disappointment all rolled into one bitter pill.

Any change in the standings?
It remains to be seen - too much action left to go today. I'll update after the game tomorrow.

Who's next?
Off to Washington (maybe - the airport is currently closed) to play the Caps tomorrow at 12:00.

  • I think the Montreal goal horn is now the most annoying in the NHL.
  • The missed call of goaltender interference on the first Canadiens goal was so bad it was laughable. Easily the worst non-call I've seen all year.

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