Thursday, February 11, 2010

Penguins 3, Islanders 1

So what happened?
Couldn't tell you - I missed this one. Nice to see the Pens get the two points, for sure.

Who scored?
Kunitz (7,8), Malkin (21)

Any surprises?
The Pens allowed 38 shots, evenly spread over all three periods (12, 12, 14). That's still too many.

Any change in the standings?
Getting closer to Jersey...
Division: 2nd (one point behind New Jersey)
Conference: 4th (one point behind New Jersey)
League: 7th (tied with Colorado)

Who's next?
A rare Friday night game with the Rangers. Why did the NHL schedule games on the same night as the Opening Ceremonies of the Winter Olympics?

  • So close to a shutout for Fleury... yet so far.
  • Only one power play. Not enough.
  • Seems like the Pens were lucky to win this game. The rest of the numbers are not in their favor.

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