Thursday, December 04, 2008

Rangers 3, Penguins 2 (OT - SO - 3-1)

Completely missed this one. Only saw the highlights online, but I can't say I'm upset at missing it - it would have been frustrating.

Good to see Eaton put one in the net, but not good to see Sabu give up goals to all three guys in the SO. I went back to look for the last time all three guys scored on the shoot out in a Pens game. It wasn't recent.

No rest for the Pens either - they play in Carolina tonight.


Will said...

It was actually a really good game. The Pens outplayed the Rags and except for an unlucky goal by NY to tie it up, the Pens put forth a good effort. It was not at all like the last game when the Pens just shut it down to try and protect the lead. They were controlling play all night. NY just got the bounces when it counted.

Teej said...

Last time all three opposing shooters beat the Pens goalie in the shootout - Feb. 24th at home against San Jose. Conklin gave up 3 on the exact same shot. I was at the game to witness that... ugh.