Sunday, December 14, 2008

Flyers 6, Penguins 3

Yeah, totally missed this one. After I saw the score, I can't say I went looking for any highlights.

Just someone tell me - did Godard at least get in a few good shots on Hartnell during their fight in the third? That might have some redeeming value.


Kristy said...

The Godard Hartnell bout was lame. It was funny to see Hartnell try to act tough and when the gloves came off he flopped to the ice really fast. You could tell Godard was really pissed though because he kept trying to punch him when they were down.

Pat said...

Thanks, Kristy!

Will said...

Oh, hahaha. Kristy is my wife and the cpu was logged onto her gmail account not mine when I posted the comment :) said...

The Godard "fight" was the only highlight of the game. I call it a "fight" because Hartnell didn't really do anything other than take punches to the head.

I love how Godard refused to let up on Hartnell.

This wasn't a "okay, we're both tough guys so we'll agree to fight as soon as the puck drops" fight, it was a "you've pissed me off and I'm going to smash your face" fight.

It couldn't have happened to a better guy than Scott Hartnell.