Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bruins 5, Penguins 2

If you had to pick an adjective for the overall performance of the team tonight, what would it be? Mine would be "listless".

They had decent hop through the first two periods. They played with the Bruins and were only down one goal going into the third. Then they allowed a short-handed goal, and the team just seemed to quit. You still had a few good individual efforts, but no one really seemed to be into it.

Tim Wallace showed that he still cared. He fought Lucic, giving up three inches in height and almost 15 pounds. He acquitted himself well, I thought.

Therrien must not have been happy - when the Pens got a power play chance with just 3 minutes left in the game, they could still have made it interesting. A quick goal on the PP, followed by pulling the goalie, and you never know what might happen. Instead, HCMT sent out Dustin Jeffrey, Ruslan Fedotenko and Petr Sykora. Nothing against those guys, but you'd expect to see Sid and Geno on the ice. They had come off the ice recently, but they weren't on it for the fight or the aftermath. They were certainly available. Little statement by HCMT perhaps?

Right now the Pens are taking the punches from the opposition and have been unable to counter. They'll need to figure this out, and do it soon. It's a long season.

Congratulations to Dustin Jeffrey on his first point in the NHL.

Next up: A chance for redemption against the Bruins on New Years Day.

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Will said...

Wallace is a bad-ass. Sure he got smacked a few times and thrown around like a rag doll at the end, but all the credit in the world to him for stepping up to Lucic.

OK 1st and 2nd periods, but the 3rd was bad. I agree the team just seemed to quit. I've been biting my tongue about the PP but what a disaster it is. I don't know if it's the coaching or players (probably both) but something has to change. Why not take Crosby and Malkin off of a whole PP and see how the team responds. It's like everyone is just waiting for someone else to make it happen. Sad sight...

Let's hope they can rebound and go into Boston and steal 2 points.