Monday, May 26, 2008

Red Wings 3, Penguins 0

Second game, slight improvement, same result.

It's all the same stuff as Game 1, though they did manage more offensive pressure. The Pens really need someone to step up and score a big goal or two. Hopefully that will come at home on Wednesday.

First period:

Roberts, Staal and Kennedy started the game with some tough play. They punished the Wings in the offensive zone. As with everything else this series so far, it didn't help.

The teams each were whistled for two penalties in the first. Nothing amounted from any of them, but the Pens were able to use theirs to generate their only offense of the period.

Brad Stuart gave the Wings the opening goal with a slapshot from the circle to Fleury's left. He fired a slapper that Fleury got a piece of with his blocker, but not enough. Probably a soft goal. 1-0 Wings.

Later in the first, the Pens got careless with the puck again in their own end and it cost them when Holmstrom threw the puck out in front to Zetterberg. Henrik got just enough on the shot to start it trickling out from behind Fleury's pads. Holmstrom tapped it into the open net. 2-0 Wings.

Second period:

The Pens were able to kill off the remainder of the power play.

After that, there really wasn't much going on. Neither team was able to generate any sustained offense. The Pens did, however, manage a shot on goal at full strength.

Staal, Kennedy and Roberts managed to keep the puck on the offensive side of the red line. It didn't amount to anything, but it was nice to see for what seemed like the first time in the series.

With under 5:00 remaining in the second, the Staal line created the Pens best chance when Lebda tripped over absolutely nothing. Roberts took the puck and made a great pass to Staal. Jordan shot the puck wide, but they almost put in the rebound. It was a great chance, and it was a shame the Pens couldn't take advantage of it.

Malone took pretty weak slash with just over two minutes remaining in the third. The Pens were able to kill it off without too much difficulty.

At the end of two, the Pens were withing striking distance. They were starting to play better and generate some sustained pressure in the offensive zone. Detroit has played about as well as possible, and the Pens were just down 2-0.

You had the feeling that if the Pens could just break the ice and get a goal, this could be a whole new series.

Third period:

Hossa took an amazingly weak "holding" penalty. It probably should have been a square-dancing penalty, because with their arms hooked together, I thought they were ready to do the Do-Si-Do.

Another solid penalty kill for the Pens. With luck, they could use that to spur some offense.

You could see early in the third that the Pens had started to turn the tide. It hadn't translated to any goals, but they were playing more in the Red Wings' zone.

With a little more than half the third left, Gary Roberts drew a tripping call on Dallas Drake. The Pens never needed a power play goal more than right at that moment.

Of course, that would make it the perfect time for Chris Osgood to buy a goaltender interference call. Malone was in the crease, but no one made Osgood flail his arms and fall over like he was shot.

On the four-on-four, Filppula made a great individual play, beating both Letang and Fleury. 3-0 Wings.

At this point, you just wanted the Pens to get a goal. Just one. Break the ice.

With eight minutes left in the third, Detroit gets a power play. We have no idea why. Not only do we get to leave Detroit behind, but we also don't have to watch Versus until next year. Thank God for small blessings.

Near the end of the game, with about a minute left, Sykora collided with Osgood, who again looked like a octopus flopping on the ice, with limbs everywhere.

Next up: The series and season are on the line in Pittsburgh on Wednesday.

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Roger Kelly said...

Nice review, especially like your comments about the Flying Octopus Osgood...what a ****. Never seen sooooo much diving..and people says Crosby dives???!!! GET A GRIP!!!

GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!