Sunday, May 18, 2008

Playoff Game #14 - vs Philadelphia Flyers

Philadelphia Flyers (6) at Pittsburgh Penguins (2)

Pittsburgh leads series 3-1.

The Flyers hold a team meeting after practice on Saturday.

Still sad, Derian?

The Pens put their perfect home playoff record on the line today in a effort to close out the Eastern Conference Finals.

Do you think this one feels different than two weeks ago when the Pens were in the identical situation with the Rangers? I think the Flyers could be more dangerous, but they also don't have the defense and goaltending that the Rangers did.

Gary Roberts may play today. He practiced yesterday in his customary spot on the fourth line.

Both Timonen and Coburn could play today. It wouldn't surprise me if both were out there. The Pens need to take advantage of Timonen if he's on the ice. His foot will be hurting. Make him try to skate with you. Take slapshots that he ordinarily would try to block. Do what you can to throw him off his game.

Both Malkin and Syokra are sick, but both will be on the ice today according to all published reports.

This one won't be easy, but the reward for winning is huge.

Hopefully the last time this year for this video:

Let's Go Pens!

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