Thursday, May 08, 2008

Another preview for the NY Times

I did another partisan preview for Slapshot. This time, the Flyers fans all left comments that they disagreed with what I wrote. I'm really surprised. I thought they'd only have happy thoughts of hugs and puppies for me.

If you want to help me out, and defend the Pens, hop on over there and leave a comment!


Anonymous said...

You're a hockey blogger, and were asked to be a hockey analyst, so what did you do? YOU BLEW IT! What i read was embarassing, and overwhelmingly insultive and quite frankly had nothing to do with the sport i love at all... great intelligence level and trash talking because thats exactly the type of write up that will entice on looking by standers? you can call philly classless all you want but at least they have balls to trash talk to peoples faces rather then hide behind a computer screen while they do it... I don't understand bloggers like you quite frankly i never have nor do i have any drive to want to understand them. However know this, the more of you there are, the more likely hockey never gets the ratings and press that it deserves... Next time when you write a hockey blog, be smart and write about hockey rather then about the city... it really comes off trite and much more classless than the city your bashing on... You've done some great work for the flyers team's wall of shame though i'm sure... by the way I'm a redwings fan not a flyers fan, I just thought you shouldn't be allowed to write something that rediculous because im not sure you looked at the whole picture... more then just penguins and flyers fans are watching this series jackass!

Anonymous said...

agree with comment above. you had a great chance to support your team, and instead you trash another team and focus on them. i also agree with above on the fact that your nonsense ruins any chance that hockey may one day return to a high tier sport.
your blog was nothing but stereotypes about a city.

better luck next time around if you even get one.

Pat said...

ooohhh - anonymous comments! so brave, guys!

Here's a hint - it's called a PARTISAN preview. I'm supposed to be bashing the other team. Writing all nice stuff makes for boring reading.