Thursday, March 06, 2008

Panthers 5, Penguins 2

Missed this one, so I'm going to rush to judgment based on statistics.

The Pens were out shot tonight, 42 - 27. The first period was 19-9. That says the team wasn't ready to play tonight.

Max Talbot was a -4. Sydor and Dupuis were a -3. Orpik and Whitney, -2. Those are some bad numbers.

The Panthers managed to get every forward (except Belak, who never saw the ice after his fight with Laraque) at least 14 minutes of ice time. That's all four lines. That's pretty impressive.

Fleury was yanked in favor of Conklin after the first. It will be interesting to see who plays on Sunday on national TV.

Not much else to say. These kind of games happen once in a while. I just wish they could have kept pushing the point total to stay on top in the East.

Next up: A showdown with the Caps on NBC on Sunday afternoon.

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Will said...

This game was all about work. The Panthers played like a team fighting for they're playoff lives, and the Pens played like they were expecting an easy win. Results = Panthers destroying the Pens.