Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Game #68 - at Tampa Bay Lightning

Pittsburgh Penguins (37-23-7, 81 pts) at Tampa Bay Lightning (26-32-7, 59 pts)

Yes, Virginia, the Lightning really do stink. They're in last place in the Eastern Conference with just 59 points. The only reason they're not last in the NHL is that the Kings have just 57 points.

Of course, as any Penguins fan knows, this means nothing at all. Despite the sweep of the state in early January, Florida has been a cursed land. The Pens will need to be at their best to avoid the curse this time.

The Pens desperately need the points to keep their chances of earning the top spot in the East alive. After this road trip, 10 of the final 12 games are against divisional opponents. The Pens still don't have a good record in their own division, so they need to get the points now, while they're available, against lesser foes.

Crosby and Hossa will both return this week, though not tonight. I'm guessing Thursday for Hossa and Sunday for Crosby.

Let's Go Pens!

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