Sunday, March 16, 2008

Flyers Scum

So for a while now, the Wife has been telling me about a song called "We'll Kick Your Arse Ya Flyer Scum". I'd never heard it, and it was from a really old WDVE morning show broadcast. We looked for it, but could never find it. Until now.

Someone was nice enough to use a crappy copy of the audio with footage of a few fights between the Pens and Flyers. It's not the best, but you'll be able to hear the song. It's awesome.

This may become a tradition in the previews for games against the Flyers...


Anonymous said...

Ah, the good old days of Paulsen & Krenn. If only we could find the old Stanley P. bit about having the injured Lemieux as a roommate:

"Hey Stanley, where's the remote?"

"It's over dere in da corner... but you wouldn't know nuthin abaht that."



NK Tom said...

Love that song. FYI, it can be found on DVE's cd 'Former Altar Boys', also containing the great song 'French Canadian Guy' (written after Lemieux retired) among others.

Anonymous said...

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