Saturday, June 24, 2006

Penguins draft Jordan Staal

With the #2 pick in the draft, and a no-nonsense introduction (thankfully), the Pens picked Jordan Staal. From what I've heard, he'll likely not be in the NHL this season, but you never know with the way the Pens situation is at wing.

A few other things I noticed in the first round:
  • Do all of the teams have to give those long winded introductions? They were old when the Blues were doing it at #1, and you still had guys in the second half of the first round trying to have something new to say... just make the pick, guys! Maybe the should have the commish announce all the picks like the NFL does.
  • Did Kessel look pudgy to anyone else?
  • One other thing on the teams - just send a representative or two to the podium - we don't need to see a bunch of guys standing up there - it just slows things down and really doesn't add anything of value that I can see.
I'm glad the Pens went with the obvious pick and took Staal. No reaching, and no trades (so far).

Will be interesting to see what kind of coverage this gets in the Sunday Post-Gazette tomorrow, since they've been horribly sparse in their articles for Sunday editions.


Anonymous said...

I am VERY happy with the Penguins' pick.

Now if we can just keep the team in Pittsburgh long enough for Staal to play there.

ees said...

Ya, kessel look pudgy! Hahahaha!
Oh, and good pick. I thought St. Louis was going to pick him. Just because they had such a hard time scoring last season. I thought they needed alittle offensive help. But I'll go with it.

Will said...

This is off topic but I liked this article about one of the groups looking to buy the Pens. Dan Marino and Mark Cuban have signed on but it's not know to what extent. Maybe just big names for recognition or a minor role in the organization.

I could care less about Marino and Cuban but Murstein (the bidder) is saying that no matter who wins the slot licenes, he would keep the team in Pittsburgh. Now that's no guarantee but it's nice to hear.