Friday, June 02, 2006

No news is Pens news

How long has it been since the last post here? Seems like forever, but it's only been a week. Not much happening in Penguins land, or even in casino land for that matter.

Sure, there are a few stories in the papers about another Gaming Control Board member getting arrested, and about some residents of the Hill getting paid $15 (or not) to come to the rally when the GCB was in town. Nothing that is terribly earth-shattering (as bad as bribing Hill residents sounds, we're talking about a grand total of 80 people).

Dave Molinari has a Q&A today in the Post-Gazette, and he does have a few interesting things to say. Take a look if you like... I'll wait. Here are the main points I got out of it:
  • Ziggy Palffy is thinking about playing in the NHL again, and he probably wasn't hurt when he "retired". The Pens would probably trade him, rather than have a quitter on their team, if public appearences are to be belived. Maybe the change of GM will have an effect here, but I can't see Therien reacting well to someone like Palffy wanting to come back.
  • According to Dave, one of the most mystifying things about last season was stripping Leclair of the A on his jersey. I don't remember that being a huge deal at the time, but I can see how it would be for Leclair. I give him all the credit in the world for playing hard down the stretch, as well as stating that he would return for next season.
Other than those two little tidbits, it's been a whole lot of nothing (the Pens won't go after any big name free agents, the scouting department might have some turnover after the draft, Shero will likely have some leeway with the team's performance this year, blah blah blah).

Over the next month, we'll have the NHL draft, along with the opening of free agency. The Pens will also be able to begin negotiations with other cities. Should be interesting...

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ees said...

what's up with evgeni? when do we have to sign him by? And how are the talks between the NHL and the Russians? Does anybody know?