Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Evgeni Malkin on his way!!

So evidently those exhibition games with the Russians were a precursor to something bigger and better for those of us in Pittsburgh. According to this article by Dave Molinari, the Russian Federation has agreed in principle to sign the transfer agreement (it will be formalized next week), which will open the door to allow Evgeni Malkin to come over to the NHL.

Sergei Gonchar has offered to have Malkin stay with his family, as he (Malkin) speaks very little English.

This is terrific news for the Pens, and really bodes well for the season. We can't expect big things out of Malkin right away - he'll have some adjusting to do (unlike Crosby, who seemed totally ready to step right into the NHL). He'll have to learn the language and culture. He'll also have to adjust to a smaller rink size. I can't see that being too much of a problem for him, given how he performed at the Olympics and the World Championships.

Let's go Pens!

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Will said...

Great news! I have been following this story for a little while now and it seems that Tratiak (Spelled really poorly), the New Comish of Russian Hocky, has been really pushing to get this deal done. He's the former USSR goalie from the Miracle on Ice game, who was pulled after giving up a softie. Hopefully the contract will get signed by the end of the week and we can all start talking about how 'good' the Pens could be next year... only if Tratiak would take over the Arean fiasco in Pitt, maybe then we could keep the team there.