Tuesday, October 25, 2011

No Punch - Penguins 3, Islanders 0

So what happened?

The Isles had some jump through the first two periods, but every scoring chance was casually shrugged away by Marc-Andre Fleury.  He was the true story of the game tonight.  The Isles out shot the Pens 23-15 through two periods, but they couldn't beat Flower (who didn't look like he even broke a sweat in making some difficult saves look easy).

John Tavares looked dangerous for the first half of the game.  I didn't notice him after that.  Grabner's only notable contribution was falling down when he tried to go wide on Lovejoy (who somehow earned a trip to the Sin Bin for his excellent effort).

In short, the Isles just didn't show up.

Who scored?
Dupuis (3), Park (2), Staal (6)

The Good?
  • Fleury.  Like a wall.
  • Malkin made his return.  He wasn't needed, but it was good to see him out there, and he did have several nice takeaways.
  • The goals were generated right out of the system the Pens play.  Dupuis took off when the puck went around the boards and Orpik hit him with a great lead pass.  Park was the recipient of a nice steal on the side wall by Asham.
The Bad?
  • Limited ice time for Vitale and Lovejoy (and Engelland to a lesser extent).  The Pens need all six defense with Michalek out.
  • Geno had three giveaways from trying to go through people.  Fortunately, if there was ever a game to work out the kinks, this was it.
The Ugly?
  • The attendance at Nassau Coliseum.  Where are you, Islanders' fans?
Any Surprises?
  • No funny business.  There wasn't even a scrum that I can recall.
What's their record now?
The Pens are 7-2-2.

Who's next?
Another chance for funny business when the Isles come to Pittsburgh on Thursday.

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