Thursday, June 30, 2011

#jagrwatch - This is starting to get dumb...

A decision within one hour of landing in the US has turned into hours upon hours of stalling by Petr Svoboda and Jaromir Jagr.

Either he's really as indecisive as he seems, or it's a cheap ploy to try to get the Pens to raise their offer, because if money was the only factor, he'd have agreed to go elsewhere by now. Detroit, for instance, has much more money to throw at him.

You have to think that Svoboda is a bit embarrassed every time he talks with Ray Shero... I mean, how can those conversations go?

Svoboda: Hey, Ray! We have nothing new to report, except that Jaromir hasn't made up his mind. Several more teams have stepped up to volunteer more money. Any chance you guys could do the same?

Shero: Hi Petr. No more money is available, but we will provide free soft-serve ice cream after the game in the locker room if it will make Jaromir feel better.

How many times can they go over "options"? How many times can Svoboda tell Jagr what teams are offering?

Svoboda: Jaromir - no more money from Pittsburgh, but they will provide soft-serve.

Jagr: Chocolate, Vanilla or Twist?

Svoboda: Which one do you prefer?

Jagr: I'm not sure - let me think about it. And find out what my options are for the cones.

Svoboda: (sigh)

You'd have to think things like this happened back in the day, but that we all never heard about them because Al Gore hadn't invented the marvel that is the Internet yet.

The worst part about all of this is that even though it's annoying to watch this as a fan of the Pens (and Jagr), I'll still cheer my guts out for him if he signs in Pittsburgh.

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Josh said...

He ended up with the effin' Flyers didn't he?