Sunday, April 24, 2011

Playoff Game #6 - at Tampa Bay Lightning

Playoff Game 6
Pittsburgh Penguins at Tampa Bay Lightning
Pittsburgh leads series 3-2.

It's always the hard way with these guys, isn't it? The Pens have a second chance to finish out Round 1 in the playoffs with a win in Tampa Bay.

Does history teach us anything about this game? Consider that last year, in Round 1, the Pens were in the exact same spot: playing in a Game 6 on the road with a chance to clinch. The difference is that last year the Sens had won a three OT epic to force a Game 6. This time, the Pens were trounced in a ruthless fashion. I like where they're at this year better - the three OT game can take a toll, whereas the players checked out once the score went to 5-0 on Saturday.

I'm not anticipating any lineup changes from HCDB, or for the Lightning. Both sides have had success at times, and both will look to establish themselves early.

Keys for the Pens:
  • Score first
  • Be ready for the early storm
  • Be sharp on the PK (because you know Tampa will draw a few calls)
Let's Go Pens!

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