Saturday, April 02, 2011

Game #79 - at Florida Panthers

Game 79
Penguins (45-25-8, 98 points) at Panthers (29-37-12, 70 points)

Why does it matter?
A win is worth two points, no matter who the opponent is. That's what the Pens need to focus on tonight. The Panthers aren't very good, especially lately. It doesn't matter - the Pens need two points badly to keep them solidly in the fourth spot in the East and to give Philly something to think about.

What has been happening lately?
  • Pens - A nice effort with nothing to show for it on Thursday against the Lightning.
  • Panthers - Seven straight losses with all kinds of offensive struggles.
Questions to be answered
  • Now that things are getting tight in terms of seeding for the playoffs, can the Pens win when they need to? Losing home ice for the first round would be, in my mind, a big problem.
  • Can someone find a way to bury the puck? This has to be as frustrating to participate in as it is to watch. I think the hard work will pay off eventually.
  • Will the Pens be ready this weekend? Last Sunday, the Panthers were very good - the Pens were lucky to escape with two points.
Keys to the game
  • Pick your spots. The Panthers top line is really bad in terms of +/-, and then their gritty guys are mostly in the positive. That's remarkable for a last place team. It makes match ups all the more important.
  • Get the power play into good shape. Scoring would be ideal, but at this point, sustained pressure would be a step forward.
  • Earn two points. It doesn't matter how - just get it done.

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