Friday, March 25, 2011

Penguins 1, Devils 0 (OT - SO - 1-0)

So what happened?
Someone please get the trap out of the NHL. Please. I know Steigy and Errey talked about how great this game was after the first period, but really, it wasn't. It only seemed exciting in comparison to FOUR TOTAL SHOTS in the first period.

On the plus side, Igloo Dreams has obtained an exclusive photo of the game action during the first period. You won't see this anywhere else:


Anyway, here's everything that you need to know: James Neal managed a goal in the shootout and the Pens earned two points. That's it.

There were a few nice saves on each end, but there was no consistent flow to the game and not much in the way of intensity other than some brief stretches.

Please make the Devils stop doing this. They're killing hockey.

Who scored?
No one.

The Good?
  • Flower was strong between the pipes.
  • Brodeur was also solid, and he faced more shots.
  • Great goal by Neal in the shootout. I thought it was a bad sign when Letang had Brodeur dead to rights and couldn't finish as the first shooter, but Neal erased any bad vibes.
The Bad?
  • Two bad penalties to take in the third by the Pens. They were both questionable calls, but you can't put yourself in that position.
The Ugly?
  • The style of play from the Devils is horrendous (as mentioned above). If they ever got anywhere near the Cup finals playing this system, it would set hockey ratings back to 2004-05 (when there was no hockey) and kill the interest of any casual fan. It's that bad.
Any Surprises?
  • The Pens won the game. Seriously, this is a surprise given their penchant for taking bad penalties and being snake-bit when facing Brodeur.
What's their record now? Any important move in the standings?
The Pens are now 44-23-8. They have a near stranglehold on the forth spot in the East and have closed to within two points of the Flyers (though the Flyers have two games-in-hand).

Who's next?
Sunday afternoon at home against Florida.

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