Saturday, March 05, 2011

Game #67 - at Boston Bruins

Game 67
Penguins (37-21-8, 82 points) at Bruins (38-19-7, 83 points)

Why does it matter?
Despite their recent struggles, the Pens don't often play teams ahead of them in the standings. The last time that happened was in January against Detroit. This will be unfamiliar territory on the road against a better team (right now).

What has been happening lately?
  • Pens - Ten losses in the past 13 games. Blech.
  • Bruins - Seven straight wins, mostly with defense and goaltending.
Questions to be answered
  • Who will slow down the Bruins big forwards? Lucic and Horton have both been filling the net since the All-Star break.
  • Can Fleury shut out the Bruins? He has had success in Boston in recent times, and it might take a shutout to get two points tonight.
  • If Kunitz returns who will sit? My money is on Chris Conner.
Keys to the game
  • Another game where scoring first will be huge since the Bruins also play a defensive style.
  • Get them into the box. Every time the Bruins have allowed six or more power play chances this season, they've allowed a power play goal. Keep working and draw the penalties.
  • Take away time and space from Krecji - he's dangerous as a setup man.

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Anonymous said...

Good stuff man; awesome that you do this for every game. I think Bergeron and Ference's absences will definitely help us out a bit. And, if Kunitz returns, my money is on Conner; but Talbot can't be ruled out, I guess. If you'd like to exchange links, I'd be glad to do so. Check out my Pittsburgh Hockey blog on hockey skills, the Pens, and just the sport in general. Thanks, let me know what you think.