Thursday, February 17, 2011

Best Pittsburgh Sports Blog Tournament

For the third year in a row, Sean over at Sean's Ramblings has selected this blog to be part of the Best Pittsburgh Sports Blog Tournament.

Two years ago, I was seeded 8th against PSAMP. Needless to say, those Mini-Ponies trampled me.

Last year I was seeded 7th against Pitt Blather. Somehow, this blog pulled the big upset, getting onto Round 2, only to lose to One For the Other Thumb.

This year, I'm conflicted. I'm seeded 7th, but my opponent is my all-time favorite Pittsburgh sports blog - Where Have You Gone Andy Van Slyke (WHYGAVS). Pat's blog was the one that really inspired me to start Igloo Dreams back in 2005. Plus, he has a cool name.

So, I'm not going to shill for your votes - I'll just tell you to go and vote - this tournament is all about fun.

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