Monday, November 15, 2010

Rangers 3, Penguins 2 (OT)

So what happened?
This one felt like a punch to the gut.

The Pens battled all night to get one past Lundqvist. The Rangers held a 1-0 lead until the Pens got a power play chance late in the third. Kunitz redeemed an earlier play when he couldn't get the puck up over Lundqvist by beating him to tie the game. Just 38 seconds later, Matt Cooke gave the Pens the lead with just 1:53 remaining in the game.

How often does that happen?

Here's where it gets better: Lundquist breaks his stick in frustration after the Cooke goal. As he's skating over to the Ranger's bench, he throws it across the ice. That's an automatic penalty, putting the Pens on the power play and hopefully icing the game.

Not so fast my friend, as Lee Corso says.

The Pens allow a shortie to Marc Staal when Dubinsky makes an incredible pass out of the corner to Staal, who is standing not more than 8 feet from Fleury. He roofs the shot on the backhand. This was a complete breakdown on the part of the power play. Even if Dubinsky is able to get that pass across, there's no way Staal should have the time and space to shoot it.

Simply put, the Pens were not ready to match the determination of the Rangers.

In OT, Michalek blew a tire and the Rangers scored off of a 2-on-1.


Who scored?
Kunitz (5), Cooke (4)

The Good?
  • Great job to keep battling back to tie the game and take the lead.
  • Fleury was excellent for most of the night. The goal late in regulation probably wasn't his fault and the OT goal certainly wasn't (he was facing a 2-on-none after Martin unsuccessfully tried to stop the pass across and took himself out of the play.
The Bad?
  • Not matching the determination and effort of the Rangers in allowing them to tie the game while short-handed.
The Ugly?
  • See "The Bad?" above.
Any Surprises?
  • Blech. That's all I have.
What's their record now? Any important move in the standings?
The Pens are now 9-8-2. They are in third place in the Atlantic, one point behind the Rangers.

Who's next?
The next game is Wednesday night at home against the Canucks.

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